you are shining some glory

on me

nowhyok: That is a hell of a tan. I am pretty proud of my farmer's tan, but wow. OK. I have 9 weeks of summer left: game on

don’t go inside for three months, you’ll get there

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i been outside / change tones and go / skin is entertaining

FUCK the real world foumd me 

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my body felt like a whole new boat on rocky seas last night, there was yelling down by the water trailer and then out of (no) where a tree fell over very near my tent, and tom yelling to make sure no body was hurt. mind you this was four am, the birds were just starting their sounds like tiny drills in my ears, and I was wide awake but sleeping, calling myself a turdmonger for the idiocy that sometimes crawls out of me late at night, naked in the lake next to the fire.

also can I say that I really adore boot repairmen: so timely and reasonable, utilitarian, sweet.

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Erin M. Riley “Gateway Drugs” tapestry

slow slow slow slow

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some high altitude snow storms and a truck stuck in the mud with the tire busted off the rim
some hail
some weed
many bruises
mostly dirt or eating
day ended in high contrast sun and I can see the line from so far now, going into bodily auto pilot is getting easier, and fuck my crew is a good’n

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I feel and look exactly like the above on a daily basis, cattle plant cattle plant cattle plant, dollars and dirt